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Launchpad for the Future of Flight

Automated Launch & Landing at scale

"To take off, flying vehicles first need places to land"

          McKinsey & Company

Pioneering drone & vertiport automation solutions built to scale the future of flight economy.

As drones & air-taxis accelerate adoption, SLiNK-TECH will provide the essential automated landing solution for the future drone economy.   

Our vertiport air-traffic control system enables safe, low cost, automated drone launch and landing with minimal infrastructure, in any environment

High Throughput  Vertiports

Reduce operating costs, maximise throughput and minimise flight operation risks

Minimal hardware
designed to scale

24/7/365 to suit the most demanding customer needs

Flexible Vertiport Deployments

Set up on nearly any terrain, at any location.

Flexible landing footprint from 2x2m to 20m x 20m+

Highly automated Flight Operations

Operate compliantly and independently with no drone pilots - focus on utilising your vertiport, not operating it.


Fixed Vertiport Infrastructure

Integrate our sensor suite and software into permanent vertiport infrastructure to provide the core functionality for high throughput, safe, fully autonomous drone take-off and landing operations. 

Temporary Vertiport

PORTAL modules can be deployed and ready for operation in less than 6 hours. Disaster relief, emergency logistics and temporary logistics applications without the need for skilled drone operators on site

Drone Networks

Combining SLiNK-TECH's vertiport technology with its network modelling capabilities will allow dynamic deployment and reconfiguration of vertiport networks able to flex to seasonal demand.

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